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Student Opportunities

Student opportunities at NGI include:

  • Gaining fundamental science foundation by working on NGI supported projects;
  • Attending meetings and conferences that allow networking with fellow students, researchers and educators in the northern Gulf region; and
  • Participating in NGI sponsored contests such as the Student Poster Contest and Student Photo/Video Contests held in conjunction with the annual NGI conferences.

In addition, NOAA and NGI currently conduct three internship programs. Mississippi State University and the Northern Gulf Institute host outstanding interns at the John C. Stennis Space Center, MS under two of those internship programs.

NOAA NGI EDAC Internship Program

In the NOAA NGI EDAC Internship Program, undergraduates majoring in Computer Engineering or other related disciplines write computer programs to improve maintenance of data files within the Ecosystem Data Assembly Center architecture and the OceanNOMADS data inventory. The data helps resource managers and emergency responders understand large data sets and use the information to solve coastal problems. The second intern generates socioeconomic maps and catalogs data and emergency services related to response and preparedness for extreme weather events in the Gulf of Mexico. The intern directly helps fellow residents be more resilient by preparing for hurricane season through this project. The EDAC internship is usually 10 weeks in the summer.

2012 EDAC Internship Presentations

NOAA NGI National Data Buoy Center Internship Program

The NOAA NGI National Data Buoy Center Internship Program provides students from the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines the opportunity to work with senior scientists on meteorological and oceanographic sensor comparisons and systems engineering analysis. The interns will also relate the assignments to their coursework. The 11-12 week internship periods at NDBC are determined by the project manager.

NOAA NGI Interns network with a variety of science, engineering, and administrative professionals and participate in the broad range of ongoing research efforts within the NGI and the relationship to the NOAA National Coastal Date Development Center’s work. During the internship, the students are gaining knowledge of NOAA activities and other Stennis agencies, participating in outreach to other young future science and engineering professionals, and learning about potential career paths NOAA can offer. Each intern will present their accomplishments to an audience of scientists and program managers in August. Interns are selected based on outstanding performance in school, recommendations from their professors or previous employers, and dedication to community service. For more information about these two internship programs, please email NGI Education & Outreach.

NOAA NGI Diversity Internship Program

The third and largest internship program is the NOAA NGI Diversity Internship Program, which is administered by NGI partner Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Students are selected based on their interests and availability to work in various research centers or field laboratories in the northern Gulf. They are teamed with a mentor who assigns them work that is relevant to the NGI mission and NOAA workforce development.