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Exploratory spatio-temporal data mining and visualization.
P.Compieta, S. Di Martino, M. Bertolotto, F. Ferrucci, T. Kechadi;
ACM Journal of Visual Languages and Computing Volume 18, Issue 3, 2007. Page(s):255-279.

Hurricanes. Fitzpatrick, Patrick. ABC-CLIO, Inc. Santa Barbara, California, 2006.

Interactive Visual Exploration of a Large Spatio-temporal Dataset: Reflections on a Geovisualization Mashup.
Wood, Jo; Dykes, Jason; Slingsby, Aidan; Clarke, Keith;
Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics Volume 13, Issue 6, Nov.-Dec. 2007 Page(s):1176 - 1183
Notes: Uses Google Earth, mySQL, PHP, & a GIS tool (LandSerf) to create Geovisualizations. Uses tagmaps and tagclouds to display textual info and clock dials (icons) to display time. Database used is of mobile phone queries (restaurant locations, etc).

Visualization of Remote Hyperspectral Image Data Using Google Earth
Crowley, M.; Chen, W.; Sukalac, E.; Sun, X.; Coronado, P.; Zhang, G.-Q.;
Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2006.
IGARSS 2006. IEEE International Conference on July 31 2006-Aug. 4 2006 Page(s):907 - 910
Notes: Uses a client app w/ google Earth and KML server to display user-selected bands of hyperspectral imagery.

Visualizing Katrina - Merging Computer Simulations with Observations
Venkataraman, Shalini; Benger, Werner; Long, Amanda; Dekate, Chirag; Allen, Gabrielle; Beck, Stephen David;
PARA 06.
PARA 2006. June 19-21 2006
Notes: Uses ADCIRC, satellite cloud images, GIS aerial maps and LIDAR for visualizing the storm surge from Katrina