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Project Status Project Title PI Last Name PI First Name PI Affiliation Project Description Start Date End Date Co-PI Last Name Co-PI First Name Co-PI Affiliation Research Theme Funding Source Award Amount MSU Award Number Current NGI File Number
Completed GOMA BP Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Support Project Ritchie Jay MSU The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) received administrative support from NGI staff with e More ... 1/1/2017 2021-12-31 0:0:0 Dannreuther Maggie MSU Data Mgmt DM Other (see project description) $2,312,953.00 365441-1910001-021000 231637-00
Completed Understanding How the Complex Topography of the Deep-water Gulf of Mexico Influences Water-column Mixing Processes and the Vertical and Horizontal Distribution of Oil and Gas after a Blowout Wang Zhankun MSU Improved representation of mixing processes in oil plume dispersal models was sought by researchers More ... 1/1/2019 2019-12-31 0:0:0 Coastal Hazards CH Other (see project description) $42,475.00 365688-191001-02100 16561900/A101430