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Project Status Project Title PI Last Name PI First Name PI Affiliation Project Description Start Date End Date Co-PI Last Name Co-PI First Name Co-PI Affiliation Research Theme Funding Source Award Amount MSU Award Number Current NGI File Number
Active Coastal Science Research, Data Development, and Information Services (NRDA Turtle Project) Cebrian Just MSU Five turtle species live in the Gulf of Mexico, with one listed as threatened (loggerheads) and four More ... 9/1/2018 2022-8-31 0:0:0 Wang Zhankun MSU Ecosystem Mgmt EM OAR $140,356.00 361453-191001-021000 NA18OAR4170438
Active Support to the Mission, Growth, and Impact of the Ocean Exploration and Research Program Cebrian Just MSU Exploring the deep ocean for national benefit is the mission of the NOAA Ocean Exploration (OER) pro More ... 10/1/2021 2026-9-30 0:0:0 Mickle Paul MSU EM-DM-CE NESDIS $243,376.00 361477-191001-021000 21-NGI4-10
Completed Improvements to NDBC Weather Buoy/C-MAN archive process Cebrian Just MSU The NOAA National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) has an improved monthly data archiving process that now ta More ... 9/1/2019 2021-2-28 0:0:0 Data Mgmt DM NWS $60,000.00 363545-191001-021000 19-NGI3-75