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Active Toward Improved Understanding and Modeling of Boundary Layer Processes in Tropical Cyclones Using Large-Eddy Simulation Chen Xiaomin MSU Accurately predicting tropical cyclone (TC) intensity and structure is challenging, and a contributi More ... 10/1/2021 2023-9-30 0:0:0 Moorhead Robert MSU Coastal Hazards CH OAR $143,948.00 361473-191001-021000 22-NGI4-34
Completed Examination of Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting (HWRF) System at the Land and Ocean Interface Chen Xiaomin MSU The planetary boundary layer (PBL) is the lowest level of the atmosphere, whose conditions frequentl More ... 10/1/2019 2021-12-31 0:0:0 Moorhead Robert MSU Coastal Hazards CH OAR $116,365.00 363544-191001-021000 19-NGI3-72