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Active USM REU: Evaluation of OA Impacts to Plankton and Fish Distributions in the Gulf of Mexico during GOMECC-4 with a focus on HAP-Interactions (BIO-GOMECC-4) Years 2 & 3 Hernandez Frank USM Increases in ocean acidification (OA) contribute to changing physicochemical conditions, which can a More ... 10/1/2021 2023-9-30 0:0:0 EM-CE OAR $15,155.00 191001.361472.03A 21-NGI4-05
Active Recent Declines in Coastal Pelagic Species along the U.S. Gulf and South Atlantic Bight and the Potential Impact of Large-Scale Ocean Circulation Changes Hernandez Frank USM Declines in coastal pelagic species abundance along the U.S. Gulf Coast and South Atlantic Bight hav More ... 10/1/2019 2022-7-31 0:0:0 Ecosystem Mgmt EM OAR $231,088.00 191001-363513-3L 19-NGI3-73
Completed High-Resolution Modeling of the Ocean Acidification in the East and Gulf Coasts of the U.S. Hernandez Frank USM High-resolution modeling of Ocean Acidification for the Gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic using a 13 More ... 3/1/2018 2019-7-31 0:0:0 Climate Effects CE OAR $56,185.00 191001-363513-3G 18-NGI3-43