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Conference Publication 2023 Real-Time and Retrospective Evaluation of the Hurricane Analysis and Forecast System (HAFS-S Version) Andrew T. Hazelton, G. J. Alaka Jr., L. J. Gramer, W. Ramstrom, X. Chen, M. C. Ko, S. D. Ditchek, K. K. Ahern, G. R. Alvey III, S. Gopalakrishnan, X. Zhang, F. D. Marks Jr., ScD, B. Liu, Z. Zhang, W. Wang, J. Shin, A. Mehra, and V. S. Tallapragada AMS 103rd Annual Meeting Toward improved understanding and modeling of boundary layer processes in tropical cyclones using large-eddy simulation 21-NGI4-01 & 21-NGI4-41 N/A