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Northern Gulf Hypoxia Data

Jiatang Hu and Katja Fennel (http://memg.ocean.dal.ca/fennel/) of Dalhousie University compiled biogeochemical observations in the northern Gulf of Mexico for years 2004-2008. As part of the U.S. IOOS-sponsored project, "A Super-Regional Testbed to Improve Models of Environmental Processes for the US Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Coasts" (http://testbed.sura.org/). They collected and processed available data from five sources:

  1. Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium from the multi-year hypoxia monitoring program led by Nancy Rabalais (http://www.lumcon.edu/)
  2. Texas A&M from the Mechanisms Controlling Hypoxia program led by Steven DiMarco (http://fram.tamu.edu/~stevendimarco/MCH/site/)
  3. Environmental Protection Agency from the multi-year observational program by the EPA Gulf Ecology Division in Gulfbreeze, FL (http://www.epa.gov/ged/)
  4. NOAA National Marine Fisheries from the multi-year SEAMAP Gulf of Mexico fisheries surveys (http://www.sefsc.noaa.gov/labs/mississippi/surveys/plankton.htm)
  5. University of Southern Mississippi survey data collected for MagMix program led by Alan Schiller

Station locations by year and data source as well as survey timelines are available here

Descriptions of the data and its processing are available here

Data processed as Matlab files: