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The NOAA National Weather Service NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) provides distributed, web-service access for real-time and retrospective, format-independent climate and weather model data and related datasets.

NOAA NCDDC with NCEP are creating an ocean prediction system analogue called OceanNOMADS with the real-time ocean forecast output provided via servers at the NCEP Ocean Prediction Center and with archival at NODC via NOAA's Comprehensive Large Array Storage System (CLASS). A joint Northern Gulf Institute (NGI)/ NCDDC effort created the developmental version of the archival OceanNOMADS capability under the NGI Ecosystem Data Assembly Center (EDAC) project.

Access tool development and storage of newer NOAA and Navy ocean prediction capabilities occur on the NGI/ NCDDC developmental servers with planned transition to NODC/NCCDC operational servers as the ocean forecast archives mature and operational space and distribution capability grow. OceanNomads provides access to ocean prediction system output by both direct download and via OPeNDAP.

For real-time operational ocean prediction output, click here.

For archived ocean predictions, see menu at right or see NOAA's OceanNOMADS.