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Community Impacts

NGI Education and Outreach Activities address several audiences with formal and informal education. Target audiences include the general public, K-Gray, STEM-related discipline teachers, stakeholders, resource users and managers and others with interests in the Gulf ecosystem and region. The NGI Program Office coordinates a network of professionals located at each of the NGI member institutions.

NGI is involved in numerous local, state, and regional public events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and other educational platforms for teaching and training the public about protecting the northern Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Most of these outreach events produce materials which we make available to the public. These resource materials are provided on our Resource page.

For information on any of these topics, or to obtain anything mentioned here, please email NGI Education & Outreach.

NGI/BP Gulf Research Initiative Phase I and II Education and Outreach Support

This project supports the development and dissemination of NGI/BP Gulf Research Initiative funded projects from Phase I and Phase II. The project has developed web content for NGI oil-spill research and also developed print materials outlining the projects and some of the sub-tasks. This project serves as the key mechanism for NGI to summarize and publicize this substantial research endeavor. Review the project Fact Sheets.

Internship Programs

NOAA NGI EDAC Internship Program
Undergraduates majoring in Computer Engineering or other related disciplines write computer programs to improve maintenance of data files within the Ecosystem Data Assembly Center architecture and the OceanNOMADS data inventory.
NOAA NGI National Data Buoy Center Internship Program
Provides students from the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines the opportunity to work with senior scientists on meteorological and oceanographic sensor comparisons and systems engineering analysis.
NOAA NGI Diversity Internship Program
Students are selected based on their interests and availability to work in various research centers or field laboratories in the northern Gulf.

Teacher Workshops

NGI topical teacher workshops are conducted by staff at DISL and MSU. Workshops are offered in each northern Gulf state. NGI provides program support for these topical workshops as they arise. Contact: Tina Miller-Way.

Career Roundtable

NGI hosts a career roundtable annually at the NGI conference to introduce NOAA workforce opportunities to the next generation of science professionals in the region. Presenters or attendees are welcomed.

Career Fairs

NGI participates at NGI member university career fairs around the Gulf region, making strides toward the NOAA workforce development. To have NGI present at your career fair or to obtain a list of upcoming career fairs, please email NGI Education & Outreach

NGI Keycard Project

The NGI Keycard project educates Gulf Coast visitors via their hotel room keys. A series of hotel keycards has been produced showcasing the Coast as a natural resource that needs to be protected by all. Each keycard in the series contains information you need to know about the coastal ecosystem, and offers discounts on opportunities to experience the resources of this important geographic area. Learn More.