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Research on interconnections among Gulf of Mexico ecosystems.
Outreach for decisions based on those interconnections.

Vision, Mission, & Goals

The Northern Gulf Institute (NGI) scientific vision is to see research-driven transformations in ecosystem-based management that enable managers and communities to improve the resilience and health of ecosystems and sustain the economies and people in the Gulf of Mexico region.

The NGI mission is to improve ecosystem management for the Gulf of Mexico with research that builds an integrated, comprehensive understanding of natural and human impacts on Gulf of Mexico ecosystems and economies.

The NGI research goals are:
  • Understand the structure, function, and services of ecosystems across interfaces of the land-sea, ocean-atmosphere, and coastal waters-deep sea
  • Synthesize information across disciplines to reduce uncertainty and to forecast ecosystem responses
  • Develop applications that address regional management needs
The NGI engagement goals are:
  • Develop, facilitate, disseminate, and transition research, knowledge, and applications
  • Build internal and external connections for institutional sustainability

For more information, see the NGI Strategic Plan.