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Research on interconnections among Gulf of Mexico ecosystems.
Outreach for decisions based on those interconnections.

NGI News

The Hurricane Analysis and Forecast System (HAFS) moving nest" Model.

NGI Research Contributes to NOAA's Improved Hurricane Forecasting Capabilities

September 25, 2023 - This summer, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) launched a new Hurricane Analysis and Forecast System (HAFS) to run alongside existing models for the 2023 season before replacing ...
July 22 – 28, 2023 Shelf-wide Hypoxia Monitoring Cruise. Image from the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia2 website.

2023 Hypoxia Monitoring Results Featured in Press Releases and Media Event

August 8, 2023 - Scientists completed and published results from their 2023 annual survey expedition that monitors hypoxia or low oxygen in the northern Gulf of Mexico adjacent to the Mississippi River. The National Oceanic ...
NGI and NCEI participants at the GOMA All Hands include (Top L to R) Clint Edrington and Angela Sallis speaking with an ESRI representative during the Tools Cafe Ebenezer Nyadjro sharing information with a meeting attendee. (Bottom L to R) Ebenezer Nyadjro, Angela Sallis, Julie Bosch, Jonathan Jackson, Sharon Mesick, and Clint Edrington gather at the NOAA display.

NGI and NOAA Partners at 2023 GOMA All Hands Meeting

July 20, 2023 - More than 450 people representing state and federal agencies, academia, non-profits, and industry gathered in Austin, TX for the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) All Hands meeting June 26-29, 2023. Of those ...
: A month after an EF-4 tornado hit Rolling Fork, Miss., the intersection of Locus Street and Robert Morganfield Way is blocked off from traffic, Wednesday, April 26, 2023.  Photo by Barbara Gauntt, Clarion Ledger

MSU's Dyer Offers Expertise on Why Mississippi is Seeing More Tornadoes, Hail and Flooding

July 7, 2023 - 'You get stronger cold fronts coming down and they cause stronger storms. So, we're getting more of these extremes.' Blinding rain, hail, tornadoes and periods of bitter cold in Mississippi; if you feel ...
Figure 1: USGS stations used to derive river chemistry patterns. Green, red, and blue dots correspond to rivers discharging to the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and US West Coast, respectively. Graphic submitted

NOAA and NGI Scientists Publish a New River Chemistry and Discharge Dataset for U.S. Rivers

June 7, 2023 - A new river chemistry and discharge dataset for U.S. coasts has been released. A recent publication by scientists at NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML), Northern Gulf Institute ...
Example of analysis using VIAME and its deep learning algorithms to detect and identify multiple species of fish in one image.

Improving AI/ML Image Processing to Tackle Bottlenecks of Fisheries Data

May 23, 2023 - There is a lot of buzz right now around the explosion of efficiency possibilities fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These cutting-edge technologies are being researched ...
Middle and high school students on the Ship Island coastline during the 2022 MSU-SEAS Program

NGI Gears Up for the 2023 MSU-SEAS Program for Middle and High School Students

May 12, 2023 - Thirty middle and high school students will embark on a marine science data-collecting excursion that turns the Mississippi Gulf Coast into an outdoor science laboratory and fosters personal appreciation ...
A Stem Professionals Journey: Navy's First Female Supercomputer Director, Christine Cuicchi

HPC2 Colleague and MSU Alumnus is Navy's First Female Supercomputing Director

April 21, 2023 - Naval Oceanography is home to the U.S. Navy's first female Director at the Navy DoD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC), Ms. Christine Cuicchi. Considering the vast amounts of data collected, analyzed ...
Madrepora oculata colony and with several deep-sea red crab Chaceon quinquedens.

Turning Deep-Sea Coral Data into Interactive Visual Narratives

March 24, 2023 - Colorful, lush corals flourish in total darkness and near-freezing temperatures in the deep ocean, providing habitat for commercially important marine species such as grouper, shrimp, and crab as well ...
Kim Woods gives tropical storm briefing to students in meteorology class

Northern Gulf Institute Congratulates MSU Researcher for Earning Prestigious NSF Career Award to Study Hurricanes

March 8, 2023 - Mississippi State's Kimberly M. Wood is the recipient of a more than $500,000 grant through the National Science Foundation's prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program to study factors ...