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Research on interconnections among Gulf of Mexico ecosystems.
Outreach for decisions based on those interconnections.

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NGI's Kathryn Rose Presented on CMECS Geoform Mapping and Dynamic Standard Processes - Continues Research on Mesophotic and Deep Benthic Communities Associated with the Deepwater Horizon Event

March 15, 2021

NGI's Kathryn Rose, a panel member for the Applying the Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS): Understanding Data, Tools, Technical Limits, and Possibilities, gave presentations at a Special Interest Meeting (SIM) on Monday 8 February, at 1:00 - 3:00 PM. During the SIM, participants learned about ways to apply the CMECS terms and descriptions to data collected via a range of sensor platforms; how to tailor CMECS to their own projects; and propose changes to the standard so that it remains useful to the scientific community as advances in technology and the state of knowledge are made. The titles of her presentations were A CMECS Geoform Map for the Gulf of Mexico (K. Rose, J. Cebrian) and The CMECS Dynamic Standard Process: Overview and Update (K. Rose).

Kathryn is also working on the NRDA-funded Deepwater Horizon Mesophotic and Deep Benthic Communities (MDBC) Mapping, Ground-Truthing, and Predictive Habitat Modeling Project. The project is conducting an inventory of existing seafloor mapping and ground-truth data from federal, industry, and academic sources to be used in the development of suitable habitat models for meso- and deep-water corals.