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NGI/NCEI Scientist Clint Edrington shares NCEI Data Management Capabilities with workshop at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

June 20, 2024

Northern Gulf Institute / NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) marine geology scientist Clint Edrington attended the National Science Foundation (NSF) supported "FUTURE of US Marine Seafloor and Sub-Seafloor Sampling Capabilities Workshop" at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts from 26-28 March 2024.

Clint Edrington

The goals of the workshop were to (i) familiarize participants with existing state-of-the-art and future seafloor and sub-seafloor sampling capabilities and related technologies, (ii) familiarize participants with sample and data repositories (including NCEI) that are available to them and which can support future NSF science, and (iii) discuss and develop critical science questions that can be answered over the next 10-20 years by matching current and future sampling capabilities with existing and/or near-future vessels operated in the NSF/University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) system. Clint participated in the open, interactive sessions by sharing NCEI's data management and archiving capabilities, focusing particularly on the Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS), an NCEI managed archive, database, API, and web application that enhances data discoverability and access and promotes new research on existing samples archived at US and international marine and lacustrine geological sample repositories. Clint also gathered data-management/data-related "wants" from the over 100 in-person workshop participants, and has begun working with IMLGS/Curator partners on how to address these wants. (Contact: Clint Edrington,

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