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Project Status Project Title PI Last Name PI First Name PI Affiliation Project Description Start Date End Date Co-PI Last Name Co-PI First Name Co-PI Affiliation Research Theme Funding Source Award Amount MSU Award Number Current NGI File Number
Active Characterizing the Biodiversity and Variability of the Biological Carbon Pump in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Thompson Luke MSU The ocean’s biological carbon pump (BCP) helps modulate the Earth’s climate. To understand the biodi More ... 10/1/2021 2026-9-30 0:0:0 EM-DM-CE OAR $149,139.00 361475-191001-021000 21-NGI4-06
Active Bringing Environmental Monitoring to the Global Ocean Ship-Based Hydrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP) or eDNA on GO-SHIP Thompson Luke MSU Biogeochemical fluxes in the ocean are linked to microbial diversity, and researchers are seeking to More ... 10/1/2021 2022-9-30 0:0:0 Climate Effects CE OAR $24,683.00 361474-191001-021000 21-NGI4-02
Active Assessing Ecosystem Responses of Gulf of Mexico Communities to OA using Environmental DNA (eDNA-GOMECC-4) Thompson Luke MSU The biological effects of ocean acidification (OA) remain unclear; however, recent efforts to monito More ... 7/1/2021 2022-9-30 0:0:0 Climate Effects CE OAR $42,779.00 361471-191001-021000 21-NGI3-132
Active USM REU: Evaluation of OA Impacts to Plankton and Fish Distributions in the Gulf of Mexico during GOMECC-4 with a focus on HAP-Interactions (BIO-GOMECC-4) Years 2 & 3 Hernandez Frank USM Increases in ocean acidification (OA) contribute to changing physicochemical conditions, which can a More ... 10/1/2021 2023-9-30 0:0:0 EM-CE OAR $15,155.00 191001.361472.03A 21-NGI4-05
Active Biogeochemical Modeling of the U.S. Gulf and East Coasts Gomez Fabian MSU An ocean biogeochemical model is being configured to improve our understanding about potential large More ... 10/1/2020 2022-9-30 0:0:0 Moorhead Robert MSU Climate Effects CE OAR $127,879.00 361461-191001-021000 20-NGI3-118
Active Recent Declines in Coastal Pelagic Species along the U.S. Gulf and South Atlantic Bight and the Potential Impact of Large-Scale Ocean Circulation Changes Hernandez Frank USM Declines in coastal pelagic species abundance along the U.S. Gulf Coast and South Atlantic Bight hav More ... 10/1/2019 2022-7-31 0:0:0 Ecosystem Mgmt EM OAR $231,088.00 191001-363513-3L 19-NGI3-73
Active Applying Omics Technologies to Support Cetacean Conservation in the Gulf of Mexico Thompson Luke MSU Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) are targets of conservation efforts. In the Gulf of Mexi More ... 7/1/2021 2022-9-30 0:0:0 Climate Effects CE OAR $28,980.00 361470-191001-021000 21-NGI3-131
Active Coastal Science Research, Data Development, and Information Services (NRDA Turtle Project) Cebrian Just MSU Five turtle species live in the Gulf of Mexico, with one listed as threatened (loggerheads) and four More ... 9/1/2018 2022-8-31 0:0:0 Wang Zhankun MSU Ecosystem Mgmt EM OAR $140,356.00 361453-191001-021000 NA18OAR4170438
Active Develop Innovative Sampling Technologies (Includes Phase 2) Ball John MSU Electronic monitoring (EM) as a sampling technology is being developed to help NOAA fisheries effici More ... 10/1/2020 2022-9-30 0:0:0 Moorhead Robert MSU EM-DM OAR $1,129,337.00 361480-191001-021000 21-NGI4-13
Active AOML-NGI South Florida Water Quality Analyses (Includes Phase 2) Mickle Paul MSU Water quality assessments for Biscayne Bay, FL are being facilitated by improved understanding of nu More ... 10/1/2016 2026-9-30 0:0:0 CE-CH-EM OAR $884,227.00 191001.361472.02 21-NGI4-16