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Project Status Project Title PI Last Name PI First Name PI Affiliation Project Description Start Date End Date Co-PI Last Name Co-PI First Name Co-PI Affiliation Research Theme Funding Source Award Amount MSU Award Number Current NGI File Number
Completed VORTEX-SE 2018 Field Campaign Activities: High-CAPE, Low-Shear Emphasis Knupp Kevin UAH Factors that contribute to tornado formation were investigated by researchers who conducted field ob More ... 8/1/2017 2019-7-31 0:0:0 CH-CE OAR $27,319.00 191001-363513-4B 17-NGI3-31
Completed Advancing Meteorological and Operational Detection of Mesoscale Kinematic and Thermodynamic Variability Knupp Kevin UAH Understanding the potential for severe storms in the Southeast, Midwest, and Great Plains is what re More ... 9/1/2018 2020-8-31 0:0:0 CH-CE OAR $201,319.00 191001-363513-4E 18-NGI3-49
Completed High-Resolution Modeling of the Ocean Acidification in the East and Gulf Coasts of the U.S. Hernandez Frank USM High-resolution modeling of Ocean Acidification for the Gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic using a 13 More ... 3/1/2018 2019-7-31 0:0:0 Climate Effects CE OAR $56,185.00 191001-363513-3G 18-NGI3-43
Completed Understanding How the Complex Topography of the Deep-water Gulf of Mexico Influences Water-column Mixing Processes and the Vertical and Horizontal Distribution of Oil and Gas after a Blowout Wang Zhankun MSU Improved representation of mixing processes in oil plume dispersal models was sought by researchers More ... 1/1/2019 2019-12-31 0:0:0 Coastal Hazards CH Other (see project description) $42,475.00 365688-191001-02100 16561900/A101430
Completed Improving Accessibility and Comprehension of Tornado Warnings in the Southeast for the Dead, Blind, and Deaf-Blind Sherman-Morris Kathleen MSU To improve communication of tornado warnings to blind and deaf-blind people, researchers conducted s More ... 9/1/2017 2020-8-31 0:0:0 Coastal Hazards CH OAR $103,434.00 363528-191001-021000 NA17OAR4590198
Completed Geospatial Threat Personalization and its Influence in Warning Risk Perception and Protective Actions Sherman-Morris Kathleen MSU To Be Added 9/1/2019 2021-8-31 0:0:0 Coastal Hazards CH OAR $135,305.00 363549-191001-021000 NA19OAR4590219
Active Improving Wind Speed and Rain Rate Estimates from the SFMR Holbach Heather FSU This project continues building on the results from previous work on improving estimates of surface More ... 10/1/2022 2026-9-30 0:0:0 Coastal Hazards OAR-AOML $61,212.00 191001.361472.01E 22-NGI4-36
Active Enhancements to NOS Storm Surge Model Forecast Guidance Display Tools for Disaster Preparedness, Continuity of Operations, and Coastal Resilience Kaiser Carola LSU This project is to improve existing and create new post-processing and visualization capabilities fo More ... 10/1/2022 2023-9-30 0:0:0 Coastal Hazards NOS $85,313.00 191001.361472.04B 22-NGI4-19
Active Information Services Project Support Mickle Paul MSU The Northern Gulf Institute provides broad data services/support, data development, and data steward More ... 10/1/2022 2026-9-30 0:00 Ecosystem Management, Data Management NESDIS $1,162,246.00 364067-191001-021000 22-NGI4-38