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Project Status Project Title PI Last Name PI First Name PI Affiliation Project Description Start Date End Date Co-PI Last Name Co-PI First Name Co-PI Affiliation Research Theme Funding Source Award Amount MSU Award Number Current NGI File Number
Completed Social Science Applications for Coastal Resiliency (SSACR) Myers Laura DISL The Social Science Applications for Coastal Resiliency (SSACR) curriculum was developed and delivere More ... 10/1/2019 2020-12-31 0:0:0 Coastal Hazards CH NWS $15,072.00 191001-363513-2D 19-NGI3-74
Completed Examination and Validation of Reconnaissance Field Program Data in Multiple HWRF Framework Fitzpatrick Pat MSU A digitized ranking index to assess tropical cyclone forecast products has been developed to facilit More ... 10/1/2016 2019-9-30 0:0:0 DM-CH OAR $211,890.00 363516-191001-021000 18-NGI3-57
Completed Mesoscale Variability Experiment Using Full Tropospheric Soundings Brown Mike MSU Understanding environments conducive to significant tornadoes was the goal of researchers assessing More ... 10/1/2018 2019-9-30 0:0:0 CH-CE NWS $47,403.00 363538-191001-021000 18-NGI3-50
Completed Enhanced Coastal Data Development and Information Services: Scientific Support for Partner Agencies Ashby Steve MSU Scientific support for partner agencies was provided by the Northern Gulf Institute (NGI) through ex More ... 7/1/2017 2019-9-30 0:0:0 EM-DM NESDIS $1,040,770.00 363533-191001-021000 17-NGI3-38
Completed Calibration and Validation of NOAA VIIRS Ocean Products for Monitoring Oceans Arnone Robert USM The on-orbit calibration and validation of satellite ocean products was established for the VIIRS (V More ... 10/1/2016 2019-12-31 0:0:0 EM-DM NESDIS $374,004.00 191001-363513-3D 18-NGI3-51
Completed Bayesian Merging of GLM Data with Ground-Based Networks Bitzer Phillip UAH Calculations for tropical cyclone intensification was sought by researchers using a product that mer More ... 8/1/2017 2020-7-31 0:0:0 CH-CE NESDIS $237,918.00 191001-363513-4C 19-NGI3-85
Completed Further Refinements to Stepped-Frequency Microwave Radiometer Surface Wind Measurements in Hurricanes Bourassa Mark FSU The Stepped-Frequency Microwave Radiometer Surface (SFMR) is the primary tool used for collecting ai More ... 10/1/2016 2019-9-30 0:0:0 CH-CE OAR $223,736.00 191001-363513-1A 17-NGI3-32
Completed Transition of Machine-Learning Based Rapid Intensification Forecasts to Operations Mercer Andrew MSU A machine learning-based forecast for tropical cyclone rapid intensification (RI) was built as a fir More ... 7/1/2017 2020-6-30 0:0:0 Coastal Hazards CH OAR $203,373.00 363526-191001-021000 NA17OAR4590140
Completed Developing New Capabilities and Research Applications for the National Water Model Over the Southeastern US Dyer Jamie MSU New capabilities for the National Water Model (NWM) were made possible by the implementation of the More ... 9/1/2019 2021-8-31 0:0:0 Mercer Andrew MSU CH-CE OAR $1,477,676.00 363548-191001-021000 NA19OAR4590411
Completed VORTEX-SE 2019 Field Campaign Activities: Mesoscale Variability of CAPE, SHEAR, and PBL Characteristics Knupp Kevin UAH The processes that fuel thunderstorm growth were investigated by researchers who conducted twelve fi More ... 9/1/2018 2020-8-31 0:0:0 CH-CE OAR $442,892.00 191001-363513-4D 18-NGI3-40